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What Are the Best E-Bikes for Sale in 2020?

What Are the Best E-Bikes for Sale in 2020?

If the last time you were on a bike was in childhood, there's a lot that's changed. Today, a new bike is more likely to have an electric engine and batteries than just the push-pedal power you're used to -- though ebikes for sale all have pedals for when you want to get a workout in or if the battery needs a charge. 

Ebikes are also some of the most popular bikes you can buy today, and they're great for urban areas to help conquer that last-mile problem that makes taking the subway or other public transportation an issue: how do you make it to your destination without a lengthy trek? For suburban or rural areas, electric bikes are also a great way to get back into riding without the burden of getting into a workout and always needing to push the pedals.

In 2020, ebikes are quickly becoming the preferred way to get around due to their flexibility and environmentally conscious alternative to motorbikes and cars that take up way too much space, especially if you're one of those fortunate enough to be close enough to work and other errands to make an ebike viable. They're also way better than traditional bikes that leave you sweaty and in need of a shower anytime you take them anywhere. With an ebike, even long-distance trips are possible without all the effort, especially when the bike can help pick up the slack when you're tired or you don't have a minute to spare -- just zoom along effortlessly with your electric bike up to 20 miles an hour -- 30 with pedaling. 

The great thing is that unlike early iterations, ebikes for sale don't just come in one style for one type of theoretical rider. There are cargo ebikes, where you can carry groceries and other goods, city and commuter ebikes, which are geared towards the needs of urban riders, mountain ebikes, which give you performance you'd expect from a highly tuned downhill racer, road ebikes, for the utmost in speed and aerodynamics, folding ebikes, which are great for public transportation and for ease of storage when you arrive, and even beach cruiser ebikes, which give yet another way to enjoy beachy areas with a more relaxed ride.

That said, the right ebike can do a lot more than one activity, and many specialty ebikes are not much more than a motor and battery slapped on an existing bike. Pick a bike that resonates with you and encourages you to ride. After all, the best bike is the bike you actually ride, and an ebike is a great way to commute without the trials and tribulations of a push bike.

For the most part, however, there are three main classes of ebikes for sale, and it all depends on what you're looking for out of an ebike. The classes are defined by their power, and they institute a limit on the top speed that an ebike cannot surpass. The first is Class 1, where a motor up to 750 watts will help while you pedal to achieve a top speed of 20 mph. Class 2 models also top out at 20 mph but they can achieve this speed without any pedaling, making them excellent options for those that like to cruise. Class 3, on the other hand, limits the motor at 750 watts but raises the top speed to 28 mph with pedaling, which is great for the racers and speed demons out there.

Most ebikes for sale are either Classes 1 and 3, where pedaling and battery power combine to give the rider a higher top speed and range than more traditional pedal-only bikes, while Class 2 bikes that provide 20-mph-coasting power are a bit harder to find, though it's not like they're impossible if that's an important piece for you. Making things more confusing, some bikes straddle the different categories and, for example, allow you to hit the 28 mph point with a throttle that maxes out at 20 mph, which is the legal limit for a bike. Any higher, and you'd need a license for it.

Understandably, motors and batteries are the biggest questions when it comes to electric bikes. Most ebikes for sale use the same batteries and motors from a handful of suppliers, but there are also plenty of smaller players that make components of differing quality levels, so be sure to do your research before you put your money down. That said, most of the major motors and batteries out there are solid options, and some will give you more torque -- great for getting off the line and feeling that "push" -- while others are quiet or give longer battery life. For these considerations, motor and battery size is where it matters, but there are other considerations. 

While torque is an important aspect of an ebike's capabilities and is a better measurement of its assistive powers than pure wattage, an ebike's motor's watts refers to the size of the motor, with bigger engines consuming more battery power. However, watt hours is a good way to compare range and battery life, which takes into account the power you have on tap (the motor), the power you have stored (the battery) and how far you can go (the range). 

In fact, range is a hugely important aspect of ebikes because there's no way to get more juice once a ride has started. When looking at ebikes for sale, pay particular attention to the range figure, which is how far you can ride on a single charge. You'll want to make sure that this number is higher than your typical ride, and you may even want to build in a buffer for those longer rides that you might take once a month or so. After all, you don't want to end up running out of juice in the middle of a long ride -- you'll have to pedal your way back.

In general, an electric bike will provide a few different levels of power that help augment your riding -- or supplement it completely. At the low end, this could be somewhere around 25 of pedal power, though at the high end a powerful ebike could supply 200 percent of pedal power, whisking you along for as long as the throttle is depressed or you run out of battery. Different ebike batteries also recharge at different rates, though it's usually at least a few hours, which is easy enough to meet overnight or during a workday. But if you want the most power on tap, you'll be sacrificing range, so keep that in mind when you're shopping for ebikes.

Introducing Rize Bikes

Here at Rize, we're building the next generation of ebikes for sale. With great folding options to help you beat the daily commute, various city, trail and off-road options to make short work of your local neighborhood and the surrounding features, no matter where you are, as well as mid-drive bikes that are better at conquering hills and other challenges with a better pedaling and rider experience. And we also have a couple retro options that are great for quick trips around town or to run some errands. 

For the best folding options, check out the Bolt, Bolt X and Mini.

For versatility, check out the City, Leisure Step, Leisure, Rize and Rize X.

For our mid-drive options, check out the Rize RX and Rize RX Pro.

For a stylish way to ebike, check out the Blade and our forthcoming Liberty.

At Rize, you're sure to find the exact ebike that fits your needs, and our affordable pricing model and financing options makes it a snap to be a part of the 2020 ebike craze. Check out our lineup and read more about our industry-leading ebike technology today.

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