2021 models will be available for pre-order April 2021. Shipping June / July 2021. 

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Rize RX Pro



  • 19.2Ah

    LG 48V Lithium-Ion

  • 35 - 55+ mile

    Estimated Range (19.2Ah)

  • 1000W, 160N.m

    Mid-Drive Motor

  • Torque Sensor

    Pedal Assist System

  • Hydraulic Brakes

    With Motor Inhibitor

  • Sizing Fit 5'7 - 6'4"

    Minimum inseam 30"

Made to perfection. Every small detail is carefully engineered to bring you the best possible version of a bike at an unbeatable price.

A fat version of the RX, the Pro model increases in raw strength and durability, without sacrificing any of its original speed and agility. The 1000 Watt M620 Ultra Bafang mid-drive motor generates nothing but pure power... making uphill and downhill seem the same... blurring the line between reality and fantasy.

• The ultimate choice for serious eMTBs

• Mid-Drive system with powerful torque 

• Extremely responsive with dual speed sensors

What's New

Gear sensor

Cuts off motor power momentarily when shifting gears. The motor will shut off for less than 3 milliseconds when shifting gears to protect the drivetrain. As the motor is quite powerful, this feature is necessary for the smooth shifting of gears.

LCD Secure Lock

Worried about someone tampering with your bike? Our latest software comes with a secure lock feature that enables you to set an access code on the LCD screen. When this feature is enabled it will prevent all access to the LCD controls. The bike can only be turned on with the user’s access code.



Bafang M620 Mid-Drive Motor

Powerful 1000 Watt Mid-Drive system delivering 160 N.m torque power. Peak power 1500 Watt.

Gearshift Sensor

Cuts off motor power momentarily when shifting gears. The motor will shut off for less than 3 milliseconds when shifting gears to protect the drivetrain. As the motor is quite powerful, this feature is necessary for the smooth shifting of gears.

Auto Light and Brake Mode

No more switching on or off. The lights will automatically turn on based on the light conditions. The taillight also illuminates when braking.

Thumb Throttle

Whether tired, stuck, or just for fun, feeling the rush of the instant boost makes life a bit more interesting. The boost is proportional to the throttle; the further you push the stronger the boost. Change is good from time to time.

9 Speed Gears 11- 34 Tooth (Alivio Premium)

The power gear system is a must for a fat tire bike. The wide range of gears allows you to ride the bike as you would a regular bike, without the use of the electric motor. With such a range of gears, you can climb higher and go much faster.

Rapid Shifter

Equipped with the smooth shifting upgrade, the new Shimano ergonomic shifter allows you to shift 3 clicks with one push.

Kenda K-Shield 26" x 4"

Kenda’s best performing off-road tires made of dual tread rubber and thick layers for the versatility of speed and grip.

Hydraulic Suspension Seat Post

The nearest example from our real world is probably the difference between first class and economy travel. With the hydraulic suspension seat post, this bike almost performs like a dual suspension bike.

Lockable Fork Suspension

Unlike a traditional bike, the fork suspension offers extra comfort whether on or off-road. The fork can also be locked into aggressive mode to enjoy a rigid ride.

Adjustable Stem / Handlebars

The adjustable handlebar allows you to sit upright and enjoy a comfortable ride. 

Selle Royal Gel Saddle

Enjoy the additional cushioning filled with gel to reduce pressure by 40%.

Rear Rack and Mudguards

Multipurpose rack used to carry numerous items. Mudguards (fenders) help protect against dirt, mud and water splashes.

Technical Data


LG 48V Lithium-Ion 19.2Ah, 921Wh

Estimated Range

19.2Ah (33 ~ 55+ mile) 


Charging Time

6 - 7 hours 

Charging Cycle


Bafang Mid-Drive 1000 Watt, 160 N.m

Top Speed
35 mph (Throttle) 

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes 180mm

Brakes Levers
Include Safety Motor Inhibitors

Frame Size



Kenda K-Shield Puncture Resistance 

26" x 4"


32kg / 70 lbs (Including Battery) 

Load Capacity

136kg (300 lbs)


6061 Aluminum Alloy


9-Speed Shimano Alivio (11-34T) 


Shimano Rapid Fire 


44T Single Guard


Promax Adjustable Stem High Rise


Suspension with Adjustable Lockout 



Double Wall


Wellgo Aluminum Platform

Seat Post 

SR Suntour Hydraulic Suspension

350mm x 27.2mm 


Selle Royal LOOKIN Basic (GEL) 

100% Power Assisted on Demand

Pedal Assist Level
5 levels

Pedal Assist Sensor
Torque and Dual Speed Sensors

LCD Screen

Advanced software allows users to customize the controller settings to their preferences. One of the key features is setting riding mode, setting the range of pedal assist, enabling/disabling the secure lock ...


LG Battery

Rize Bikes come with strong aluminum battery packs that are water resistant and provide strong protection. LG batteries are designed to keep you connected with its long-lasting power. It is consistent and truthfully rated for 800 charging cycle.

Battery Pack Features

- Two keys to secure the battery on the bike

- Battery can be charged while attached on the bike or separately

USB port available to charge portable devices

- LED battery indicator

- Water resistant aluminum casing

What's Included in the Box


- Battery with 2 Keys 

- Battery Charger 3.0A 

- Lights

- Mudguards (Fenders)

- Mini Tool Kit

- Rear Rack   


- Ring Bell 

- Bottle Holder

- Chain Slap Guard

Compatible Accessories

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