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Electric Bikes vs. Electric Motorcycles: Which Bike is Right for You?

Electric Bikes vs. Electric Motorcycles: Which Bike is Right for You?

Electric BIkes vs. Electric Motorcycles: Which Bike is Right for You?

What’s the difference between an electric bike (e-bike) and an electric motorcycle? Read on to learn the difference between the two, and discover which one is right for you.

Electric Motorcycles

Many people ride electric motorcycles, and for good reason. Most look like traditional motorcycles (typically, with smaller engines) but of course, they run on electricity, not combustion energy and they’re generally fast. So, how do electric motorbikes compare to electric bikes? For starters, electric motorcycles weigh a lot more, are generally speaking, they are much bigger in size, they typically cost more, and they don’t have any pedals. Another major difference to keep in mind is (at least for the USA and Canada) electric motorcycle riders are required to obtain and possess a motorcycle driver’s license, and riders are also required to purchase insurance and wear a helmet (though these are both things you should do regardless of the bike or motorcycle you ride). Different places also restrict where people can ride electric motorcycles, and while an electric motorcycle might be a great option for traveling by road, they are not allowed in bike lanes or on sidewalks. Not only that, electric motorcycles generally do not fare well with offroad travel, which is something important to keep in mind if you are looking to explore new terrains or take your bike on trails.

Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle (shown above)

Electric Bikes

E-bikes, like electric motorcycles, run on electricity. But, unlike electric motorcycles, you can also pedal your e-bike, making it a more versatile green transportation option for a few reasons. Firstly, because you can fluctuate between using the bike’s pedal-assist feature and pedaling manually when you ride an e-bike, which allows you to get as much of a workout as you’d like - and achieve your fitness goals (an electric motorcycle doesn’t give you this option). The added bonus of riding an e-bike is you don’t require a driver’s license to ride one (because e-bikes are classified as bikes, not vehicles), making electric bikes more accessible than electric motorcycles. E-bikes can also take you wherever you want to go, including city bike lanes and folding e-bikes being highly portable can fit in your car trunk or on transit, and many types of electric bikes can be ridden on multiple terrains, from city streets to bumpy trails and backroads. A few other upsides to owning an e-bike instead of an electric motorcycle is the lower weight and ease of maneuverability. E-bikes can fit inside your small apartment or your storage locker, you can even fit them inside your car trunk, and with an e-bike you’ll never need to pay for parking! 

E-Bikes Fill the Space Between Bikes and Motorcycles

Rize Bikes has designed several e-bikes to optimize the traditional bike riding experience and overcome the limitations of traditional and electric motorcycles. The​ ​Rize Blade​,​ for example, has pedal assist, cruise control, and will make any terrain your playground. The​ ​​Liberty​ has dual suspension, an extra comfortable seat, and a high rise handlebar, allowing you to ride better and longer. If you are looking for a faster ebike with a powerful motor, highly responsive dual-speed sensors, and a mid-drive system with powerful torque, the​ ​Rize RX​ is the best choice for you. With fat tires and raw strength and durability, the​ ​RX Pro’s​ mid-drive motor generates pure power. These Rize Bikes options will meet your speed, sustainability, safety, and style goals.

Electric bikes (e-bikes) are simply more versatile and more accessible than electric motorcycles. While both are street legal, e-bikes are less regulated because they more closely resemble traditional bikes. Rize Bikes offers powerful and fast ebikes to help you travel up hills in record times, explore more terrains than you ever thought possible, smash your fitness goals, and add some fun to your life. Thank you for reading, and please reach out to the Rize Bikes team if you want to take the next step and introduce an e-bike into your life. Be sure to check out ​Rizes’ line of electric bikes at​ ​​ ​and follow us on​ ​Instagram​ a​nd​ ​Facebook for cool updates, promos, and product info.

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