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Top 5 reasons to choose an Ebike

Top 5 reasons to choose an Ebike

Locally owned & operated 

We here at RIZE Bikes take pride in our Canadian rootst’s no secret that Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to be located in. Our employees and customers have the satisfaction knowing they’re supporting a great Canadian company. 

Carbon Footprint Reduction 

Minimize your carbon foot print by joining the green movement and getting rid of that expensive gas guzzler and take a revolutionary step towards a greener and healthier planet.

Studies shows currently bikes and e-bikes make up 6% of miles traveled in world cities. If by 2050, bikes and e-bikes make up 14% of travel in world cities, there would be an overall 11% reduction in carbon emissions. 

Avoid the hassle of public transit 

There is perhaps nothing more agitating than a Monday morning met with sweaty bodies packed like sardines into a bus. Unless it’s being late for a conference call because all the city bus drivers decided to go on strike. Or maybe it’s all the times you went to catch the train but your transit pass was empty. 

Take back control of your commute and your life with an Ebike! Enjoy the fresh air, open roads and no unexpected hassles. No exposure to high levels of body odor or suspiciously stained seats either. 

Easy on your digital wallet 

Yes you have to be a smart and savvy shopper when it comes to choosing the right bike for you. There are a lot of companies out there offering great bikes so shop smart and make sure you look for a bike that’s comfortable, durable and affordable to suite your needs.

Keep in mind that some provinces offer incentives to scrap high polluting vehicle for an electric vehicle and other low carbon forms of transportation and say good buy to endless gas bills.

It’s FUN! 

When something is fun you tend to do it more often. An electric bike is guaranteed to put a smile on your face during every ride! Spend time with family on scenic rides and potentially meet some Ebike friends along the way. The freedom of having an Ebike means the possibilities are endless. 

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