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The Best Electric Folding Bike | RIZE Bikes

The Best Electric Folding Bike | RIZE Bikes

Whether you're looking for an alternate mode of transportation or you're interested in a better way to get around town, an electric folding bike strikes the right balance of convenience and mobility. And because they fold up when you're not riding, you can take it inside with you when you get to your destination, which means you don't have to do the lockup dance or worry about your electric bike while you're inside. 

A better alternative to rentable bikes that may not function correctly or end up costing you more on a day-to-day basis than a bike of your own, electric folding bikes are not only a great way to get around, but they're good for Mother Earth, too. The best part is that you can pedal for a nice workout or rely on the bike's internal battery to get you where you need to be if you would rather avoid getting sweaty.

Unfortunately, because of their cutting edge technology and folding parts, an electric folding bike isn't cheap, but if you get the right one and treat it right, you should be able to get years of faithful service out of your new folding e-bike. 

Why get an electric folding bike?

The benefits of an electric folding bike are numerous. From their compact and folding nature that allows you to bring your bike with you, whether in the car or while you're on foot, to their rugged durability and reliable function, a folding electric bike is great for anyone that wants an electric bike without the fuss of storing such a large contraption. 

Perfect for the office or a spare corner at home, an electric folding bike can go wherever you go without much of a fuss. Just fold the bike and it can fit easily in a trunk or next to you on the bus or subway, making it a great complement to your existing transportation needs. Whether you want to ride a bike to the bus stop daily or you want to be able to jump in a car or head inside without locking your bike up, a folding electric bike makes integrating a bike into your life that much easier. 

The best part is that an electric folding bike is often more durable than a standard electric bike because of their compact design while folded. When safely tucked away in a corner, a folding bike is much less likely to be bumped or suffer a fall, and you won't need to ever lock it up or store it outside, which helps keep all the components in working order day after day. Additionally, because folding bikes are made to be folded down and carried, their joints and moving parts are actually reinforced and built to withstand whatever you can throw at it -- just don't throw the bike itself!

What should you look for?

When shopping for an electric folding bike, it's important to know what you're looking at. While most people are familiar with normal bike components such as wheels, brakes, handlebars and pedals, an electric bike introduces some new bits that you've probably never dealt with, such as an electric motor and a battery, and then there's the folding piece, which allows the bike to shrink down when not in use.

For most, it's all about that motor. The motor will get you up and over hills and allow you to keep up with traffic on busy streets without ever breaking a sweat. Bigger motors with higher wattage and more torque is what you want here, which will help you get going from a stop and keep things moving when you're trying to make it all the way home.

Most folding electric bikes use a hub motor, which puts the motor in the center of the rear wheel, though some e-bikes have motors in the front wheel, which can affect handling. By moving the motor to the hub, you gain more real estate on the bike itself -- a good thing since the folding components make it difficult to mount the motor anywhere else, such as with mid-drive electric bikes.

But don't forget about the battery. Without it, your motor is useless, and you'll want to choose a bike with the right battery for your need, otherwise you might only have enough juice to get you to your destination but not home, which can prove problematic if you don't have a reliable way to charge your bike while you're out.

What about wheel size?

The determining factor of how big your bike will be when folded up is wheel size, so it's important to get the right wheel size for your needs. Most electric folding bikes come with 20-inch wheels, which strikes the perfect balance of portability and a comfortable ride. Larger, 700c road wheels and smaller, 16-inch wheels are available in the foldable bike market, but you'll be giving up comfort (16-inch) or portability (700c) with both. Indeed, while smaller wheels and a more compact bike may sound nice, hitting a pothole or another deformation in the road is much trickier with a smaller wheel, and larger wheels start to affect the bike's ability to be easily carried and stored.

Introducing Rize Bikes

Here at Rize, we're introducing the next generation of electric folding bikes that checks all the boxes when it comes to what you need out of a portable e-bike. With the Bolt, Bolt X and Mini, you get all the bells and whistles that you'd expect out of a premium electric bike, without the excessively high price tag of some of our competitors. 

With a larger, more capable motor than the 250-watt and 350-watt motors that are common on cheaper, lower-end bikes, the Bolt gives you 500 watts of propelling power in a powerful, rear-hub motor. With an estimated range of 25 to 45 miles with our 13Ah battery or 38 to 55+ miles with the larger, 17Ah, LG 48V lithium-ion battery, the Blade fits anyone from 5' to 6'2", and every small detail has been engineered to perfection to bring you the best possible e-bike at an unbeatable price.

For the Bolt X, which is an upgraded version of our best-selling Bolt, we beefed up the motor to 750 watts, giving you 50 percent more power and an estimated mile range of 30 to 50+ miles with a standard 16Ah LG 48V lithium-ion battery. The Bolt X comes also with hydraulic brakes standard, and fat, knobby, puncture-resistant tires that are great for mixed riding on the road and trails. Just as portable and foldable as the Bolt, the Bolt X is great when you want to add some off-road riding to your commute.

Learn more about our folding bikes by checking out the Bolt, Bolt X!

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