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Los Angeles placed 1st, as the worst traffic congestion the US.

Los Angeles placed 1st, as the worst traffic congestion the US.

There’s no surprise here, Los Angeles once again placed 1st as the worst traffic congested city in the US. 

TomTom's Traffic Index looked at 416 urban areas in 57 countries. In 40th place worldwide, Los Angeles is the worst city in the US when it comes to congestion. The percentage, TomTom says, refers to how much more time a trip would take than it should if traffic was light. In Log Angeles, a driver will spend almost 40 per cent more time in traffic during rush hour in the region. 

In North America, Los Angels placed first, outranked only by Mexico City and Vancouver. Believe it or not, traffic congestion in New York and San Francisco was bad, but not as bad as in Los Angels. 

A study shows that bike lanes are very effective and low-cost to our tax payers to increase bicycling around the city. With the increased installation of bike lanes, this article shows owning and riding a bike will help with Vancouver’s congestion. 

 “Traffic congestion is a major source of stress for Americans,” Jeff Walker, vice-president of Public Affairs for CAA National, said in a release.Traffic can be very stressful and time consuming. With Vancouver having one ofthe biggest bike routes in Canada, cycling is definitely one of the solutions.

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