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How to Prolong Your Ebike Battery Life

How to Prolong Your Ebike Battery Life

How to Prolong Your eBike Battery Life

We’re super thankful for the power electric bikes batteries provide and can’t imagine climbing hills without them. But what’s also important is keeping the health of ebike batteries in top shape to ensure you get the most of out them before replacing.

Use the Provided Charger

Using the smart battery charger that was provided with your ebike is the best option to ensure the battery is getting the optimal charge needed, without damaging your battery by overcharging. Using a 3rd party battery charger as an alternative may not be suitable. If anything happens to your battery charger, reach out to your support for assistance on getting a replacement.

If you need a replacement (or extra) battery charger, check out our accessories page!

Fully Charge the Battery Before Your First Ride

When you receive your ebike, we know how excited you may be to build it and get on the road right away! When assembling your bike, you can save time by plugging in your battery to charge until your ebike is ready to go! Please note, a full charge may take several hours to become fully charged.

Do Not Allow Your Battery to Fully Discharge Regularly

Preventing your battery to sit at 0% for extended periods of time will help keep your battery health in good shape. While in storage, the battery will slowly discharge overtime. Leaving it to discharge until it’s completely empty can reduce the entire lifecycle of the battery, resulting in a smaller charging capacity.

The best practice is to keep an eye on your battery level when riding to ensure you have enough battery for your return trip.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Lithium batteries can be pretty sensitive to hot temperatures. This means not letting them sit out in the hot summer sun for extended period of times. If you’re able to, remove the battery and store it in a cool dry environment.

If exposed to hot temperatures for too long, this could also drain the overall battery life and prevent it getting to a full charge. Cooler temperatures will help retain the lithium powder inside of the batteries as well.

Keep the Battery Dry

This may be a no-brainer, but keeping batteries dry will help keep the battery contacts in good health and to prevent corrosion. Keep humidity into consideration as well, not just splashes of water.

Check out our line of eBikes with their streamline design where the battery is placed inside the downtube to keep the contacts as dry as possible!

Ensure the Battery is at 70% or More for Battery Storage

While storing your battery, the battery will slowly discharge overtime. This is why it’s important to plan on storying your battery at 70% or more, depending on how long your bike will be in storage. The stored energy will help prolong the lithium powder inside the battery, ensuring it will take on charging again when you are ready to start riding in the new season.

Remember to store your battery in an environment with cool temperatures. If you plan on storing your battery for more than 3 months, checking in on it at least once every 3 months and charge it up further to keep it in good condition.

We carry primary and secondary batteries to extend your riding range and to keep you going in case anything happens! Whether you have a newer or older model, you’ll be sure to find a replacement when needed.

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