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Essential Tools for eBike Owners

Essential Tools for eBike Owners

Essential Tools for eBike Owners

I am often asked if there are specific e-bike tools or what tools do I need when fixing my e-bike. In many cases I will explain that it’s not just about the tools for fixing your bike, but the tools you should have to also maintain your bike. After all, with proper care and maintenance, you shouldn’t have to fix your e-bike very often.

So then, what tools should you have to work on and maintain your bike? Well, while I can give you a giant list of tools, in most cases you won’t need half of them. So it really depends on what type of rider you are, such as; a casual weekend rider, a daily commuter, or an extremely active rider. The more active a rider you are the more you may benefit from having more tools.

The last consideration is how mechanically inclined you are. Some tasks are very simple and can be performed with anyone, while some tasks may be a bit more of a challenge for some people.

I have divided the tools into three groups. The casual rider, the daily casual rider, and the active rider. I should also mention, if you are more inclined to bring your bike to a shop for pretty much any service needs, then you probably won’t need much more than the casual riders tools.

Lastly, I will list a few tools that regardless of your rider style, you may find helpful.

The Casual Rider

The casual rider, simply put, is someone who rides on the weekends, maybe a day or two a week to work, or maybe just a short trip at the end of the day. In any case you only need a few tools at minimum, and most e-bike service that require more tools or effort are just as easily done at a bike shop. So here are the tools you will want, and why you would want them:

- Allen Key Set
- 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 8
- Flathead Screwdriver
- Philips head Screwdriver Set 
- #2
- Wrenches
- 7mm
- 8mm
- 10mm
- 15mm
- 18mm
- 19mm
- Sockets
- 10mm
- Air Pump
- Needle Nose Pliers
- Standard Pliers

These tools are the basic necessities of low level servicing and easy repairs. Chances are you have all of these, or most already. In fact we include a multitool that has most of these tools on it in the accessories box of your bike. As for the reasons why these are important, it’s because you always want to make sure your bike's nuts and bolts are tight and secure, and that your tire pressure is set for peak comfort.

multi tool


screwdriver socket tool kit

Screwdriver Socket Tool Kit

Pliers and Wire Cutters

Pliers and Wire Cutters



The Casual Daily Rider

If you find yourself riding more often than just a couple days, you likely fall under the daily casual rider group. Maybe you just like to commute or maybe you just like a bit of daily exercise, no matter the reason you have, the bike will likely need a little more regular e-bike maintenance due to wear and tear. For this reason, you are likely to use the following tools:

- Tire Tube Puncture Repair Kit
- Tire Remover
- Zap Straps
- Wire Cutters
- T-20 Secure Screwdriver
- T-25 Screwdriver
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Shop Cloths/Rags
- Brake Bleed Kit
- Chain Breaker Kit
- Chain Cleaner
- Chain Oil
- Handlebar Jacks

These tools and kits are the basics you would need when actively maintaining your bike while in use, with these tools you can repair your flat tires, clean or replace your brakes, flush out and refill your brakes hydraulic fluids, and make sure your chain and gears are kept clean, oiled and moving smoothly. While these parts still can take some time before needing to be repaired or replaced, proper maintenance will prolong that even further. 

More specifically, the T-20 Secure Screwdriver is needed to open your rear hub motor, so you can service, clean, grease, or replace it. Rubbing Alcohol and rags are useful to clean your hydraulic disc brakes and pads, this can help to reduce noise caused by environmental contamination picked up while riding. A chain breaker, which is a bit of a misnomer as it is more often used to reattach your chain, is a great tool used to remove or insert the pins in your chain. Tire removers are a great help to replace a flat tire. Handlebar jacks are a great tool, they are used to protect your handlebar components when you flip your bike upside down, which allows you to work on your bike with greater ease.

Handlebar Jacks

Handlebar Jacks

Chain Breaker and Pliers

Chain Breaker and Pliers

tire remover

Tire Remover

allen keys (set, 5mm, 8mm) and t20 screwdriver

Allen Keys(Set, 5mm, 8mm) and a T20 Screwdriver

The Active Rider

Then we have your active rider. Chances are if you are an active rider you already know it. In your garage you likely have more than one bike, and each one for different needs. You’re on the forums, you have more heavy duty riding gear, and you’re out on your bike rain or shine:

- Bottom Bracket Remover
- Chain Whip
- Chain Ring Remover
- Crank Remover
- Freewheel/Cassette Removers
- Spoke Wrench

Chain Whip & Freewheel/Cassette Removers

Chain Whip & Freewheel/Cassette Removers

Crank, Bottom Bracket, Chainring Removers

Crank, Bottom Bracket, Chainring Removers

These tools are for the parts of your bike that take a bit more effort and at least a little mechanical skill. The gear cassette/freewheel, chain ring, and derailleur tend to need extra care the more often you use your bike. So if you’re on your bike all the time expect to be oiling, cleaning and tweaking these parts fairly often. Also when out on the harder trails you’re very likely to hit those bumps that may shift your rim, so knowing how to use your spoke wrench to tighten your spokes and keep your wheel true is also an important skill.

Miscellaneous Tools That May Be Helpful

Here is a short list of tools that may be useful regardless of what style of rider you are:


There are many diagnostic tests that often require a voltmeter, especially when it comes to issues with your battery or your bike not turning on. Now while it isn’t a requirement, it can go a long way to help diagnose your bike’s issues.

Bike Stand

Chances are a casual rider won’t need this, but if you plan to do work on your bike on a regular basis, this simple item will help save your back and knees. Most stands will allow you to raise your bike to a comfortable height to work on. Which can help to reduce the unwanted strain on your body that kneeling or bending down often would do.

Craig - eBike Mechanic

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