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Electric Bikes Vs. Mopeds or Electric Scooters

Electric Bikes Vs. Mopeds or Electric Scooters

There is generally confusion on the difference between an electric bike, also known as a pedelac, and an electric moped or scooter. 


Below highlights the main differences: 


1. Electric bikes have pedals and are a form of physical activity. Whereas most mopeds do not have pedals and are not meant for exercising. 

2. Most state and provincial laws require a driver’s license and insurance and vehicle registration. Whereas electric bikes do not need that. 

3. An electric bike can travel on bike lanes and paths and are able to park in the designated bicycle areas. Whereas, mopeds or scooters cannot travel on sidewalks or park in those designated areas. 

4. An electric bike has the flexibility to be transformed into an MTB e-bike or mountain electric bike which can travel off road on trails whereas a moped or scooter is designed to travel on city streets. 

5. As for the speed, a moped can generally be allowed to have a top speed of 50km per hour or 30 miles per hour whereas an electric bike can travel a maximum of 32km or 20 miles per hour. 


For that reason, there many advantages that an electric bike has over an electric moped, especially from a health and financial perspective. 

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