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Burning calories: E-bikes vs. Traditional bikes

Burning calories: E-bikes vs. Traditional bikes

There are people that seem to believe that riding an electric bike does not require mucheffort. In some cases, yes, but if you’re looking for a workout and burn calories, this postshows an impressive number of calories you can burn on a e-bike.


A recentstudyshows on average, a person riding over moderately hilly terrain with noelectrical assistance for one hour can burn roughly around 552 cal. With electrical assistance a person can burn around 444cal. Statistically, riding an e-bike resulted in burning around 20% less calories than riding a non-electrical bike.


This shows that you can burn a lot of calories while having fun, go greater distance andride often. Burning 450 cal in an hour, done regularly, could result in significant weightloss.


Researchers from the University of Tennessee found in a study of e-bike riders and traditional bike riders that those who completed a 4.43-kilometer hilly route on an ebike used 22 percent less energy than traditional bikers, most likely because the e-bikers got to the finish line faster than the others. However, perks included higher levels of enjoyment.


Another study shows that people who buy electric bikes end up cycling more kilometres than people who buy regular bikes, this would result in burning more calories. 


The bottom line is when something is more fun, you’ll do it more often. On an electric bike you will cycle more, and the cycling will improve your overall health and wellbeing




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