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Best E-Bike Helmets for 2021

Best E-Bike Helmets for 2021

If you’re into riding electric bikes, it’s crucial that you protect yourself with a high-quality helmet. But, which one should you choose? After all, e-bikes tend to travel faster than regular bicycles, so do regular bicycle helmets and e-bikes go together? Keep reading to see our top picks of the best e-bike helmets for 2021.

Road Bike Helmets

For anyone who lives in an area with a warmer climate, a regular road bike helmet might be your first choice simply because they’re lightweight and extremely breathable, which means you’ll get more air circulation and you won’t overheat as fast. These helmets might be best paired up with cruiser ebikes that travel at speeds that are far less than top-speed. 

Smith Convoy MIPS Helmet

This helmet looks cool and it’s well-priced. With tons of ventilation, this versatile helmet features an integrated visor and is very comfortable. With its ‘I-mould’ construction, this helmet absorbs shock from impact, and the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) protects your brain from rotational forces. Additionally, the Integrated visor sheds rain and direct sunlight.

This helmet is a little pricey but it looks cool. And, if you happen to crossover to a road bike from time to time, you can wear this on both bike types. Great ventilation. Comfortable. Lightweight. This helmet has it all. This helmet is integrated with patent pending SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) and is highly ventilated using POC’s unique ventilation design. It also has precision straps molded into liner for extra comfort, as well as a Recco reflector.

This aerodynamic helmet is available in three different colours and three sizes to suit your needs. You’ll enjoy peace of mind when riding your e-bike with this high-tech road bike helmet because it includes the ANGi Crash Sensor, which works in conjunction with an Android or iOS app. Check this out: A sensor on the helmet detects a crash and then sends a text message to contacts in your phone that you pre-select. And like Dwight Schrute from The Office, we recommend you set 9-1-1 as your main contact, lol.

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Enhanced Helmets for E-Bike Users

This category of helmets are generally a little bulkier than traditional road bike helmets and they tend to cover more head surface area when compared to the aforementioned category. These helmets are good for riding any ebike but style-wize, these helmets would especially fit well with mid-sized electric bikes such as the Rize flagship ebike. If you're travelling at faster speeds and going down hills, these helmets will give you additional protection.


POC Tectal Helmet

Like the two previously mentioned enhanced helmets, the POC Tectal helmet is designed to provide more coverage at temples and back of the head. It features an adjustable visor, Recco reflector, and comes in some unique colors. We really like this helmet and paired with the right electric bike - it looks mega cool.

Smith Forefront 2 Helmet

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This helmet has Complete Koroyd® coverage for lightweight, energy-absorbing and ventilated impact protection. It also comes with a MIPS® Brain Protection System, which reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head, and an AirEvac™ ventilation system and a VaporFit™ dial adjustment system which offers 270-degree fit adjustment with the turn of a dial. 20 fixed vents for consistent airflow, a three-position adjustable visor, and it also has XT2® antimicrobial lining offering sweat-activated odor control.


POC Portal Race MIPS

This is a Trail/Enduro helmet that offers superior protection for your dome. It features a MIPS rotational impact protection solution, Recco reflector, NFC Medical ID chip, and it has an adjustable peak that can be lifted high enough for goggles and sunglasses to position underneath the peak. It also comes with a patented breakaway peak that enhances neck protection.

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Full Face Helmets 

If you’re the type of person that likes to ride fast and bomb down hills on the weekend, you might be well-suited for a full face helmet. Motocross riders who require full face protection unanimously choose this design and while it might look excessive for ebike riding, a full face helmet will protect your good looks in the event of a face plant, or low-hanging tree branch. Full face helmets are additionally the superior choice for cold-weather winter riding, and if you haven’t tried a full face helmet in winter, you’d be shocked at how warm they are.


Smith Mainline Helmet

This helmet from Smith is something that looks legit and will 100% protect you from downhill faceplants! It’s a comfortable and vented helmet that will keep you cooler than most other full face helmet options that are on the market. The D-ring chin strap fastener ensures you enjoy a tight fit, while the cheek pad kit allows you to personalize the helmet to your head shape and size.


HJC CL-17 Helmet

This helmet isn’t designed for downhill dirt trail blazing but it’s something that would look cool in the city. And, when you step off your ebike and hop onto your Kawasaki Ninja, there’s no need to switch into a different helmet as this is a motorbike helmet and great for crossover. This helmet is lightweight, fits nice, and has an “'ACS' Advanced Channeling Ventilation System for front to back airflow to reduce fogging and ensure comfort. The interior fabric is moisture-wicking and antibacterial, the sheild is anti-scratch and offers 95% UV protection.

ILM Dual Sport Helmet

This helmet is a little on the bulky side but it’s priced well, maintains DOT protection and can be additionally used on motorcycles. This helmet comes with an inner tinted visor which is useful for when the sun hits you like a ton of bricks, and with the flick of a lever, you’ll have instant sunglasses. The top liner and ear pads are detachable and washable. The only drawback to this helmet is it fogs up in cold weather, so you need to leave the shield slightly open to increase airflow. Note: If you want a shield and you’re not into fog, check out ICON Helmets. If you really want a lighter full face helmet and don’t require a shield, check out the POC Coran Air helmet.

ILM Dual Sport Helmet

BMX / Skate Helmets

These helmets are a timeless look and provide good ventilation and thicker interior padding compared to regular road bike helmets. These helmets might look best paired up with smaller cruiser or commuter electric bikes, but it completely depends on your preference.

Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

Available in X-small through to X-large, this professional quality helmet is designed with action sports in mind. It offers a high-density PE shell and a foam liner to protect you from bumps. Even during the hottest weather, you’ll remain cool thanks to the wicking liner and fabric. With eleven vents in the design, the air will flow through the helmet to keep you cool even while riding during the peak of summer. With over forty years of experience, you’ll be in good hands with this Pro-Tec helmet this year.

Bell Local Helmet

This helmet has that distinctive classic style with the attributes of higher-end helmets. It is form fitting and has a dial closure system for added comfort and safety. It features 10 vents, has an EPS liner, and an old school trusted ABS Hard plastic shell

Thousand Heritage Collection Adult Bike Helmet

Thousand offers a stylish skate and bike helmet that allows you to express your personal style while protecting yourself on your journey. The Dual Fit System ensures the back of your helmet fits snuggly to your head. When you arrive at your office in the morning, use the PopLock to keep your helmet safe throughout the day.

Thanks for reading! An honourable mention goes out to Specialized for making the helmet shown at the top of this article. This helmet is priced well and is very comfortable, so they received the cover image.


At Rize Bikes, we want you to be safe and secure, so we hope this info helps with your next helmet purchase. Please check out our website ​and follow us on​ ​Facebook and Instagram​ for​ updates, promos, and product info. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to call the Rize Sales Department toll-free at: 1-888-600-1545. Phone lines are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST or email

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