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Are eBikes Good For Exercise? Commuter E-bike For People of All Fitness Levels

Are eBikes Good For Exercise? Commuter E-bike For People of All Fitness Levels

Are eBikes Good For Exercise?  Commuter E-bike For People of All Fitness Levels

Have you been wondering if e-bikes are good for exercise? Believe it or not, commuter e-bikes such as our City and Rize models are great for people of all fitness levels. 

Reported physical activity levels for e-bikers was an average of 4,463 MET minutes/week. You can really go long distances without feeling tired. Best of all, you are also getting a nice workout to lead a healthier lifestyle.

A commuter ebike is truly groundbreaking because it combines the advantages of cycling with the convenience of electric assistance.

This technology will allow beginner bikers to have a preview of what working out would be like. For more seasoned athletes, a commuter ebike will definitely be a new adventure as it is different compared to a regular bicycle. 

The Exercise Potential of Commuter E-bikes

Commuter e-bikes have really changed the way we think about fitness and transportation. 

These incredible machines combine the benefits of riding with the added power of electric assistance, opening up a whole new world of exercise possibilities for people of all fitness levels. 

Commuter e-bikes allow riders to customize their workout intensity by effortlessly switching between manual pedalling, electric assistance, and using throttle. This appeals to both novice bicyclists and experienced fitness fanatics alike.

E-bikes will offer you exciting ways to engage in physical activity while commuting, whether you like leisurely rides or heart-pumping sprints. 

For those who usually stay home all the time, having an ebike might just push you out of your comfort zone to explore the outdoors just a little bit more.

Empowering People of All Fitness Levels

After a long day at work, you may be feeling tired and ready to take a break. The last thing you want to do is pedal on a bike to get even more tired.

E-bikes can be a strong instrument to motivate you in this situation. E-bikes have electric assistance that makes cycling more accessible to people regardless of their fitness levels and physical abilities, as well as those who want a more gentle approach to exercise without too much pedalling going on.

For novices or those recuperating from injuries, using an e-bike will give you a supportive and low-impact workout choice. 

Meanwhile, e-bikes provide an exciting opportunity for fitness lovers to push boundaries and challenge themselves by altering the level of electric assistance or manually pedalling to enhance intensity.

E-bikes also allow riders to personalize their rides to their specific fitness goals, whether it's endurance building, cardiovascular health improvement, or simply enjoying the great outdoors while being active. 

E-bikes will basically encourage you to exercise since it removes barriers and welcome people from all walks of life. It is a good motivator to go on a life-changing path towards better, more active living.

5 Health Benefits of Commuting on an E-bike

Improved Physical Fitness

Riding an e-bike to work combines physical activity and fresh air, resulting in better cardiovascular health, increased lung capacity, and increased endurance. 

Regular e-bike commuting can still help you lose weight and lower your chance of developing obesity or heart disease. 

However, there is a good chance that people will be more likely to ride an e-bike to work instead due to not having to pedal as much.

Improved Mental Health

Commuting by e-bike has considerable mental health benefits. It relieves stress, improves mood, and improves general mental well-being. 

Riding an e-bike requires active involvement, which stimulates the brain and enhances cognitive performance.

Cost Savings

Using an e-bike to commute can save you money in the long run. E-bikes offer cheaper operating costs when compared to owning and maintaining a car, including gasoline prices, parking fees, and maintenance costs.

In Canada alone, the average car insurance is $1,832 or about $150 per month in British Columbia. This is not even counting the cost to pay for gas and car maintenance!

E-bikes are less expensive to insure and have a longer lifespan than traditional bicycles. So, it is a no-brainer for many people that choose to get one. It is truly crazy how ebike innovation has led to healthier lives for those who e-cycle.

Increased Convenience and Accessibility

E-bikes make cycling more accessible to people of all fitness levels and physical impairments. As you get older, using a regular bike may not be possible anymore.

For example, my dad is in his late fifties and he now has trouble riding a bike. Now, he just resorts to using an exercise bike. With an e-bike, it will make it easier for someone like him to cycle outside.

E-bikes' electric aid makes it easier to overcome physical constraints or difficult terrain.

Commuter e-bikes also provide the convenience of arriving at your destination without getting sweaty or tired, making them an excellent choice for commuting.

Environmentally friendly transportation

By choosing a commuter e-bike over traditional forms of transportation, you help to reduce carbon emissions and promote a greener environment. 

E-bikes are a sustainable mode of transportation that aids in the reduction of air pollution and traffic congestion in urban areas.


Do you still get good exercise with an electric bike?

Yes, you can get some exercise on an electric bike. While the electric power help makes pedalling easier, you can raise the intensity of your workout by adjusting the level of assistance and incorporating manual pedalling.

Should seniors ride Ebikes?

Yes, seniors can benefit immensely from riding e-bikes. E-bikes are a low-impact workout choice that allows seniors to stay active, improve cardiovascular health, and increase overall fitness while benefiting from the assistance of electricity.

Are Ebikes more efficient than walking?

Yes, in terms of covering longer distances and lowering travel time, e-bikes are generally more efficient than walking. The electric motor assists you, letting you to travel quicker and cover longer distances with less physical effort.

Are Ebikes too heavy for seniors?

E-bikes are available in a variety of styles, including lightweight options ideal for seniors. While some e-bikes are hefty, there are types that are specifically built to be lightweight and easy to manage, allowing seniors to ride comfortably and safely.

Final Thoughts on eBike vs Regular Bike

E-bikes are wonderful for exercise and provide numerous benefits to people of all fitness levels. 

The electric assistance that all electric bikes have will remove barriers to riding and make it more accessible to a larger spectrum of people. 

As a result, ebikes will help more people increase cardiovascular health, weight management, and overall physical well-being. 

Furthermore, commuting by e-bike has also been known to have mental health benefits such as reducing stress from your daily lives.

Feeling ready to ride an ebike? 

Check out some of Rize Bikes ebike model options. We have a variety of different products that will suit your needs based on your riding preference.

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