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5 Cost-Saving Advantages of Commuter E-bikes

5 Cost-Saving Advantages of Commuter E-bikes

If you are tired of spending a ton of money on car insurance, car maintenance, and gas, then getting a commuter e-bike may be just the solution for you!

There are also perks to using an ebike such as being able to burn some calories while on your commute.

For those who work in an office setting, electric bikes will be great to get some exercise in to have a healthier lifestyle.

Anyway, let our team at Rize Bikes teach you the 5 cost saving reasons today!

Here are some of the most important reasons why commuter e-bikes are a great cost-effective and sustainable transportation solution:

1. Low Upfront Cost Compared To Cars

From my first-hand experience, I know a friend who is paying just over $8000 a year for his car insurance on a Tesla! He did just get his N (Novice driver here in Canada) which contributed to the high car insurance.

This does not even include the initial car price and any maintenance costs you have to do for your car every year.

With an ebike, it is a much lower barrier to entry in terms of price point.

2. Low Operating Costs

Expanding on the first point, an ebike such as folding electric bikes will also be much cheaper to maintain.

As long as you remember to pump your bike tires and lube your bike chain from time to time, this is pretty much all that is needed to maintain your bike on a regular basis.

With cars, you need to do all kinds of maintenance work which can really add up in costs.

3. Reduced Carbon Footprint

This will be a big one for those who do not want to pollute the world unnecessarily. If you only need to travel 2-3km to go to work or do some errands, why drive?

Consider taking an ebike or walking to get this task done. This will help reduce the carbon footprint in the world that we live in.

Obviously, this will also depend on the type of errands you are doing. If are you grocery shopping and buying lots of food, then take the car. Use your best judgement!

4. Health Benefits

When you drive a car, you do not get any health benefits whatsoever. You are simply moving the steering wheel and using your right leg to press the gas and brakes.

Even though an ebike will cycle on its own with a motor, you still need to pedal to activate the electric motor. Biking will also allow you to be outdoors and breathe fresh air. It is a win-win scenario to use an ebike to be healthy.

You can also read our article on eBike Innovation and How It Has Led To Healthier Lives for more information.

5. Say Goodbye To Expensive Parking

If you work downtown Vancouver in Canada, for example, most street parking will cost you $1 every 30 minutes. Day rates have different costs but you can see how driving to work can really add up in your parking costs.

So, if you are someone who lives in the Vancouver area, you may want to consider ebiking to work. This way, you save on having to get a car in the first place as well as parking fees!

This will also apply to any part of the world that you live in. Parking your car in busy areas will usually cost you money.

Parking a bike is most often free of charge.

Pros and Cons of Ebikes

The pros to getting an ebike is that it is eco-friendly and cost-effective for those who do not need to commute far distances.

While e-bikes offer many benefits, they also have some cons. Since the cost of an ebike is not the cheapest, there will always be thieves out there who might want to steal your electric bike.

This is why you should consider installing some sort of GPS device on your ebike for ease of mind. This way, you will be able to find your bike in case it gets stolen!

Final Thoughts on 5 Cost-Saving Advantages of Commuter E-bikes

You can see 5 ways a commuter e-bike can be a cost-effective solution. On top of that, they also offer many benefits such as saving money and improving your health.

While they may not be the best option for everyone, they are certainly worth considering for short commutes and running errands.

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