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3 Reasons to Buy an Electric Bike!

3 Reasons to Buy an Electric Bike!

Are you thinking of buying an electric bike? Tired of driving a gas guzzling car? Boom, here’s a few reasons why you should make the jump and buy an e-bike.

#1: Health Benefits

First and foremost, e-bikes encourage you to stay active. According to the CDC, most adults do not get enough physical activity (150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity, per week). So, riding an ebike is great for your health, and when you ride you’ll not only increase your blood flow and oxygen levels, but you’ll help your body to detox and the physical workout could help to burn calories and build muscle. You’ll also be able to enjoy the outdoors a little more! Think - sunshine, gorgeous days, sewalls, bike paths, fresh air, and potentially more time in nature will give you the emotional benefits of being outside that can help with your state of mind.

Now, you might be thinking that because an e-bike has a motor, it’s not going to make any real difference in your activity levels. But that’s actually not the case. According to a study done by PLOS ONE, because e-bikes don’t tax the user too much, they’re used more often and in a larger variety of situations. Even if you don’t tax yourself too hard, an e-bike ride is still more of a workout than a car ride. You’re balancing, steering, and controlling the bike with your core, which makes it the healthier option for anyone who needs a convenient way to add a little more activity into their lifestyle.

#2: Environmental Benefits

Electric bikes are battery-powered and can be recharged by simply plugging into a regular outlet, and if you happen to live in a place like Vancouver, BC, Canada where 90% of the power is generated by hydro (water) then electric bikes are not only carbon-free zero-emission vehicles, but they become super Green, and better transportation choice for the environment.

#3: Financial Benefits

If you begin commuting with an e-bike, there will be no more stops at the gas station and you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money in gas, over time. In addition, the reduced wear and tear on your car (if you keep it) will mean your car will last longer, need fewer repairs, and overall be less of an expense.

An e-bike is one of the most versatile transportation options available and it can fit into almost anyone’s lifestyle. If you’re interested in finding out more about what bike options are out there for you, check out our bikes and see which one could meet your needs. When you’re ready to embrace the e-bike lifestyle, we’ll be there.

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