Is it easy to assemble an eBike?
> Yes, our bikes arrive 95% assembled directly from the box.

Can I upgrade to a dual-battery system later?
> Absolutely, all of our eBikes, excluding the Fixie and Bolt models, come with ports ready for a secondary battery, allowing for a dual-battery setup in the future.

Does the secondary battery include a charger?
> No, chargers for the secondary battery can be purchased separately here.

What are the shipping costs?
> We offer complimentary shipping on all orders that include an eBike.

How long does it take to ship my eBike and how long does it take to arrive?
> Typically, it takes 1-5 business days to ship, and a few additional days for delivery. For further details, click here.

Can I cancel my order and get a refund?
> Yes, cancellation is possible but incurs a 5% processing fee if paid by credit card. For more information, click here

Can I return my order?
> Absolutely, we offer a 14-day return policy. For further details, click here.

What is the warranty on eBikes?
> Our eBikes are backed by a 12-month standard warranty. For comprehensive details, click here.